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Solid & Hazardous Waste Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Knowledgeable Representation For Solid And Hazardous Waste Concerns

Operations that involve waste pose a substantial risk for a business or municipality. State and federal laws concerning waste serve key safety and environmental purposes. Failing to follow those laws could mean facing liability for a serious problem – and the government might take a hardline stance against actions that appear to endanger its constituents.

At The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, I assist clients across industries with unique projects and waste management needs. I take a proactive approach to secure necessary permits and promote government relations to avoid complications. When disputes arise, you can depend on my specific experience in this area to provide a comprehensive defense.

Solid Waste Is Subject To Regulations And Enforcement

As an attorney with deep familiarity in both government and environmental law, I have worked with clients to achieve compliance for:

  • Opening a new site

  • Expanding existing landfills

  • Constructing transfer stations and facilities

  • Maintaining underground storage tanks

  • Contracting or franchising with local government

My practice offers extensive industry and regulatory knowledge. In addition to developing strategies for environmental compliance, I defend solid waste companies and other clients against enforcement actions from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Large entities throughout the state trust my passionate advocacy against alleged violations and environmental litigation.

Thorough Legal Counsel


Thorough Counsel For Hazardous Waste

For clients who generate, transport or store hazardous waste, I provide informed guidance for:

  • Acquiring proper permitting

  • Defending the disposal of hazardous waste material

  • Navigating cases involving spills, contamination, emergencies and failed inspections

  • Sharing costs between parties, particularly for the petroleum industry and chemical plants

Complying with hazardous waste regulations, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), requires diligent attention. I can devote my time and skills to environmental law issues so that you can direct your attention to operations and other business matters. My firm ensures that your legal needs will always rest directly in your lawyer’s hands.

Draw Upon My Industry Experience

During the nearly 35 years of my legal career, I have supported clients in construction, government, energy, manufacturing, mining and other industries. My mission at The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC is to help you build and grow with minimal legal difficulties. For a consultation, email me or call to reach my Portland office.