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Environmental Law & Litigation Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Seek Constructive Results For Environmental Law Issues

From local policies to federal regulations, the law protects land, water and resources from certain forms of damage. However, even if you have the best intentions, the complexity of environmental and natural resource law can present challenges.

At The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, our experience includes representation for corporations, solid waste companies and large developers. We share your passion for positive development, and we will work to harmonize your interests with the applicable requirements.

During Development And Operations, We Work To Ensure Compliance

We work one-on-one with clients to understand how their goals and needs overlap with the law, including with regard to:

  • Building and land use permits, such as stormwater permits, removal-fill permits for wetlands and proprietary waterway authorization

  • Hazardous and solid waste disposal and storage

  • Wastewater management, which concerns the Clean Water Act and requires a 401 certification

  • Collaboration with the federal government, which may involve an action under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

For Experienced Counsel


Although environmental factors may initially present obstacles to your business, we work to design creative solutions that allow you to pursue your priorities. We have unique experience with highly complex projects such as siting transfer stations and landfills.

Clients across Oregon trust us to advise them in hearings, court proceedings, takings, applications and environmental audits. When starting a development project or responding to new factors, you can access reliable counsel at The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC.

Assess Your Legal Matters With A Qualified Lawyer

For nearly 35 years, we have provided guidance for regulatory compliance and environmental law issues. Email our law firm or call  for a thorough consultation. Based in Portland, we serve property owners throughout the state. Make sure to follow us on Linkedin and message us there if you have any questions.