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Business Transactions Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Thorough Guidance For Business Deals

Every detail matters when preparing to sell or invest in a key asset. Business and real estate transactions can present numerous risks and benefits – which might not always be immediately apparent.

Our legal team at The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC has experience with complex transactions in Oregon. We can carefully evaluate the asset’s qualities and the terms of the agreement to help you optimize the outcome.

Unique Transactions Call For Attentive Care

We advocate for clients in a variety of transaction types, including:

  • Purchase and sale of businesses, both asset-based and stock purchases

  • Purchase or sale of real estate

  • Commercial and ground leases

  • Lending transactions and secured transactions

If your business involves a niche industry or service, working with a law firm that understands your perspective can be valuable. Depend on a lawyer who has effectively represented the interests of solid waste companies, energy companies, manufacturers and developers.

Navigate Key Decisions
With Confidence


Advocacy And Guidance Through Regulatory Hurdles

As attorneys with experience in regulatory and municipal matters, we provide our clients with insightful representation throughout any project. We have successfully advised clients dealing with such issues as:

  • Advising on issues relating to Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act

  • Pursuing creative solutions to local regulation

  • Ensuring smart compliance with changing environmental standards

We will examine your needs and plans to ensure that the details of your transaction fully align with your goals. You can trust us to provide customized, capable service for you.

Start Early To Advance Your Goals

Careful legal preparation can give you confidence in your transaction. Call or email us for a consultation. Frank Hammond can meet with you to discuss your upcoming projects.