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Clean Water Act Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Many land uses affect or rely on water resources – even when the connection is not obvious. The Clean Water Act (CWA) aims to protect U.S. waterways from pollution, but it can also make projects more complicated.

Attorney Frank Hammond founded The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC to help Oregon clients build according to their visions. His depth of experience in permit matters and environmental regulations can support your goals.

Ensure Comprehensive Water Compliance

As a trusted legal team, we frequently provide detailed counsel regarding:

  • CWA section 401 certification, including 402 and 403 permitting

  • Pretreatment of waste

  • Storm water runoff pollution and permitting

  • Spills of hazardous waste and other substances

  • Water pollution inspections and disputes

  • Enforcement actions from state or federal agencies

  • Commentary on proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy changes

Whether you work directly with water sources or your operations may affect nearby waterways, we can advise you. We have extensive experience representing land developers, corporations, municipalities and other organizations.

We Know Water Law


Counsel For Wetlands Regulations

Oregon’s wetlands are subject to particular regulations under the CWA. If you are planning to develop on or near wetlands, we can assist with:

  • Seeking permits from the state or federal government, including an Army Corps of Engineers permit to modify or fill a wetland

  • Negotiating compensation for contracts

  • Managing dredge and fill material disposal compliance

  • Defending from enforcement actions due to lack of wetland permitting

Wetland protection is important to local and federal governments. Your project is important to us. We seek to harmonize both interests to help you reach your objectives.

Proven Legal Guidance Across Industries

With more than three decades of experience, we have a deep understanding of how regulations can intersect with land use issues and development projects. For a consultation with our Portland office, call or email us directly. Make sure to follow us on Linkedin and message us there if you have any questions.