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Keep Your Project Moving Forward With Permits

Frank Hammond March 26, 2023

Purchasing land also means entering into a set of rules and obligations. Often, those rules can create barriers in the way of your development or operations. Obtaining land use permits in Oregon may allow you to bypass these obstacles while still remaining compliant with the law.

The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC offers experienced counsel for permit applications, modifications, renewals and permitting disputes. As an experienced land use permitting team, we know which actions to take to open opportunities for our clients.

Applying For Special Permits

Commercial developers and other clients frequently entrust us with their permit applications, including:

  • Subdivision and land partitioning permits, including easements and water rights division plans

  • Planned residential or commercial unit development permits

  • Variances and conditional use permits, which provide a specific exception to existing zoning requirements

  • Nonconforming use permits, which allow an existing property to contradict new ordinances by continuing to serve under its original land use regulations

  • Exceptions to statewide planning goals

  • Industrial and environmental permits, including those involving wetlands, toxic waste, pesticides, stormwater and wastewater

  • Other electrical, mechanical, architectural and safety permits

As an accomplished solo practitioner, attorney Frank Hammond gives corporations and developers the deep level of attention that their projects need. Our experience with large, complex development and construction projects for prominent organizations can supply you with a strong foundation of legal insight.

Resolving Other Permit Issues

Audits and inspections can sound the alarm bells – even if you have been conscientious about your compliance with permit, land use and zoning requirements. We can represent you in hearings and administrative litigation when your property or project is subject to questioning by local, state or federal officials. We also represent clients in government takings, condemnation and inverse condemnation.

Consult A Lawyer With Notable Permitting Knowledge

We have dual perspectives when working with government agencies because we have counseled both private and public entities for land use issues. To speak with us about permit requirements, applications and appeals, schedule a consultation with us at or through email. Make sure to follow us on Linkedin and message us there if you have any questions.