Insightful Counsel, Sustainable Solutions SCHEDULE A MEETING
Oregon State Capitol building

DEQ To Hold Meeting on House Bill 3220

DEQ is holding a rulemaking meeting on May 9th, 2024 at 9 am, seeking to clarify House Bill 3220. HB 3220 updates Oregon’s E-Cycles program, the state’s electronics recycling program. Amendments to HB 3220 have expanded the electronics accepted, increased the minimum number of collection sites, and added requirements for improving the state’s collection network. 

The May 9th meeting will focus on annual reporting and coordination requirements, financial compensation, and environmental management practices. There will be time for public comment, allowing regular folks to add their input to the rulemaking process. The meeting will be over Zoom; the registration link is here.

The rulemaking contact is Rachel Harding, at 503-929-7125.