Oregon Environmental Law & Litigation Attorney

At the Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, we are dedicated to protecting Oregon's natural beauty through proactive and thoughtful legal solutions. Our experienced environmental law attorney provides comprehensive legal services to individuals, businesses, and organizations to help them understand and comply with state and federal environmental regulations.

Whether you're dealing with land use disputes, compliance with state and federal laws, or environmental litigation matters, let us be your trusted partner. Our firm is committed to safeguarding your interests and promoting sustainable practices.

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Environmental Litigation

Environmental litigation encompasses a broad spectrum of legal disputes that concern the protection and preservation of the environment. This area of law often involves actions taken against businesses and industries accused of violating environmental standards or regulations. We provide businesses with the resources they need to comply with federal and state sustainable practices.

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Clean Water Law

The legal issues surrounding clean water are related to regulatory, transactional, and litigation matters and often require assistance from an environmental attorney. We advise clients in the private and public sectors on local, state, and federal water regulations, help investigate and litigate water law issues, and assist with transactions and permits that affect the use of water.  

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Solid & Hazardous Waste

Handling and disposing of solid and hazardous waste is a key component of many environmental regulations. We offer guidance for solid waste franchises on how to comply with federal, state, and local waste disposal laws and how to adhere to the strict standards set forth by state and federal agencies. We help with permitting, waste classification, and managing remediation projects to help minimize environmental impacts and legal risks.

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Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

We guide our clients through Oregon's complex environmental regulations and permitting processes. We offer tailored legal solutions to make sure businesses and organizations comply with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws. Our experienced team works diligently to secure necessary permits, manage regulatory obligations, and provide strategic advice to minimize legal liabilities while promoting sustainable operations.

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Environmental Impact Assessments

We help developers, corporations, and public agencies conduct thorough environmental assessments to identify the potential impacts their proposed projects may have on the environment. Our team makes sure these assessments meet all the relevant state and federal regulatory requirements, facilitating a seamless review and approval process.

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Your Trusted Partner for Any and All Environmental Issues

We pride ourselves on being more than just environmental lawyers; we're passionate advocates for a sustainable future. Our commitment extends beyond the courtroom, as we strive to educate our clients and the community about the critical importance of environmental laws in safeguarding your best interests, your business, and our planet.

What we offer

  • Innovative Solutions

    Our skilled legal team will work with you to develop strategic plans for your business and operations that align with your objectives and comply with federal and state environmental regulations.

  • Informed Advice and Representation

    Our team keeps up to date with new legal and environmental developments so we can continuously offer you current, informed advice and top-tier legal representation. 

  • Commitment to Environmental Protection

    Our legal services cover a broad spectrum of environmental law issues. We have an unwavering commitment to preserving our natural resources and balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability.

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Legal Counsel, Sustainable Solutions

At the Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, we bring a wealth of experience and understanding of the intricate dynamics involved with environmental law. Whether you're growing your business or starting a development project, we're dedicated to providing experienced guidance on a wide range of environmental law issues, from solid and hazardous waste management to land use planning, clean water permits, and more.