Introduction To Civil Litigation

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Do not ever believe that civil litigation will be easy. This holds true no matter how good your case or just the cause. However good your case, the lawyers on the other side will find every blemish, every mistake and will develop a model of the facts and law in which you lose. Your lawyer will of course fight for you, and he or she will develop a model of the facts and law in which you win. If you don’t settle, a decision maker will compare the two and decide between them. But, no matter what, plan for more than a year of intense conflict, intense discovery demands on your time, depression of your mood, and the expenditure of a lot of money.

Maybe it is not surprising that litigation is so intellectually violent. Before courts became the normal route for resolving disputes, actual personal battle between knights was a typical way of deciding disputes. The system we use for to dispute resolution replaces that physical violence with the all out war that is modern litigation.

With more than three decades of experience in these types of issues in Oregon, we have a deep understanding of how civil litigation works. This will help you better navigate the system. For a consultation with our Portland office, call 503-837-3471 or email us directly.

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